Bromley Common and its Schools

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Bibliography and Sources  

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I also used the following original sources. With the exception of the first three, they can be found in the Local Studies Section of the Bromley Central Library.

- Farnborough Board School log books (by kind permission of Mrs Baber, the head teacher of Farnborough Primary School.)

- The census returns for 1841 through to 1901. (Copies of the 1851 census returns for Bromley Common are in the school. I used for the rest.)

- ‘Bread and Jam For Tea’ by Stanley Hallworth. (ms at Princes Plain Primary School).

- The log books of the Bromley Common Schools, 1864 - 1935 (They are all available with the exception of the infant log book for the period before 1909).

- The log book of Princes Plain Primary School, 1935 - 45.

- The log books of  Bromley National School (Boys)

- The minutes of the Committee of Managers of the Bromley Common Schools, 1846 - 1903.

- Sundry accounts, letters, forms, plans and baptism registers to be found in the boxes of material relating to Holy Trinity Church, Bromley Common.

- A number of Ordnance Survey maps.

- The Bromley tithe map and register of 1841.

- Various Bromley street directories.

- Materials in the St Luke’s archive box relating to the schools in Addison Road and Pope Road.

- The minutes of Bromley Education Committee, 1903 - 1948.

- The minutes of the Bromley School Board, 1888 - 1903.