Bromley Common and its Schools

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Head Teachers
1837 to 1950


Mrs Corfield


Mistress of Bromley Common Infant School according to the 1838/9 school accounts. She lived next to the school in the Parish Cottages.


Mr & Mrs Baber

Chosen as the first teachers of the new school, salary £60 pa plus the children’s pence, but not mentioned by name again. (They may not have accepted the job.)


Mr & Mrs Tijou

The only mention of them was when they were dismissed

1850 to 1853

Mr & Mrs Thomas Crump


The 1851 census tells us that they were 26 and 25 years old, from London, with a 6 year old son. They were college trained and paid £75 a year. Mr Crump was dismissed because of poor discipline. When one went, they both went.

1853 to 1854

Mr F Ramsey and Miss Dean

Miss Ramsey

Mr Ramsey and Miss Dean were both college trained. He was paid "£50 per annum …with unfurnished house."
Miss Dean was paid "£35 pa and furnished lodgings." She was replaced by Mr Ramsey’s sister for a short time in 1854.

1855 to 1857

Mr & Mrs Charles Howe

Joint salary of £75 pa. They were sacked when Charles failed the government exam. No exam success, no government grant; no grant, no job.

1858 to 1873

John and Margaret Parker & their son, Alfred

Alfred had previously helped in the school when his father was ill and succeeded his dying father in 1867, qualifying a few months later. Mother died in 1872 and Alfred moved on.

1873 to 1874

Mr & Mrs Winterton

They were given their notice after a poor inspector’s report.

1874 to 1878

Mr & Mrs Studdle

Joint salary of £120 pa plus 1/3 of government grant.
Mrs Studdle was granted two months unpaid leave for ‘illness’ (pregnancy). They resigned a year later.

1878 to 1883

James and Sarah Grubb

Mr Grubb was questioned about financial irregularities and dismissed. He had started a drum and fife band.

1883 to 1884

Edwin and Julia Wills

After only eighteen month at Bromley Common, his father-in-law died and Edwin took his place as master of Farnborough Board School. He left there after a bad inspector's report. Julia was sister to Lillian Casselden and brother-in-law to Edmund De'Ath.

1884 to 1894

Frederick and Elizabeth Fawcett

Mrs Fawcett resigned due to ill-health in 1890. Miss Worster (and others) replaced her. Mr Fawcett left 1894, his teaching having suffered due to his wife’s illness.

1894 to 1937

George and Julia Moate

The last married couple to run the schools. Mr Moate died in 1917 but Mrs Julia Moate (nee Bowyer) continued as head of the infant school until her retirement in 1927.

1917 to 1933

Edmund Charles De’Ath

Head of the 'mixed school' 1917 to 1927.  After the retirement of Mrs Moate, he was head of the combined schools. Retired 1933.  He was brother-in-law to Julia Wills.

1933 to 1935

Miss Audrey Kemp

She joined the school in 1906 at the age of 18 and was still teaching at Princes Plain in 1944. After Mr De'Ath retired, she was acting head until the school moved to Princes Plain. She was also acting head of the mixed school for a while in 1717 after Mr Moate died. On that occasion, she was awarded five pound for the extra work and responsibility that had fallen on her on the death of Mr Moate.

1935 to 1950s

Elenor Beale

Head of the new Princes Plain Primary School. Derek Underwood, a pupil at Princes Plain in the early 1950s, (later a England and Kent cricketer) described her as “a tiny lady, five foot – five foot one, who wore thick-rimmed spectacles and close-cropped hair.  Whenever she walked about the school, everyone stood to attention.”