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Post boy robbed
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From a notice in The Times
October 3 1798

The following notice was on the front page of a copy of The Times found in the library of the Rookery after the Norman family home burned down in 1946.  Presumably it had been kept by generations of the family because the relevance to local history.

Unfortunately the paper was in a poor condition so it has been transcribed with my best guess as to the content of the missing parts being placed in brackets.


GENERAL POST OFFICE, Tuesday, July 3, 1798

THE Post-Boy, carrying the mail from Bromley to Sevenoaks last night, was stopped about two miles from Farnborough, between the hours of 10 and 11 o'clock by a single Highwayman, who presented a horse pistol [and] demanded the Mail which the boy gave him. He offered [the Boy] half-a-guinea, but he declined taking it.

The Robber is described to be a young man, middle [?] on a drab-coloured great coat, and rode a horse with [?] face. The same man, as supposed, passed through the [Turnpike] Gate at Pratt's Bottom, towards Riverhead, on horseback [at] 7 in the evening, and asked his way to Croydon. He had [a number] of small saddle bags, and had the appearance of a London [man] in the opinion of the Turnpike-man. The Bags taken are [?] for
Sevenoaks     Lamberhurst   Rye
Tunbridge     Battle             Hastings

Whoever shall apprehend and convict, or cause to be apprehended and convicted, the person who committed this robbery, will be [entitled] to a Reward of TWO HUNDRED POUNDS, over and [above] the Reward given by Act of  Parliament [for] apprehending Highwaymen; or if any person, whether an accomplice in the robbery, or knowing thereof, shall surrender himself and make discovery whereby the person who committed the same [to] be apprehended and brought to justice, such discoverer shall be entitled to the same reward of Two Hundred Pounds, and will also receive his Majesty's most gracious pardon.
By command of  the Postmaster General.