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School Rules c1857



1.   Any child whose parents reside in the Bromley Common district may become a Scholar, and, under certain circumstances, children from neighbouring Parishes.

2.   The payment to be made by children in the National School will be at the rate of two-pence and in the Infant School one penny a week: but if made in advance it will be reduced to the rate of Eighteen pence a quarter in the National, and Nine pence in the Infant School.  No parent is expected to pay for more than three Children, any beyond that number from the same Family will be admitted free.

3.   The School hours are from nine to twelve and two to half-past four in the Summer; from nine to twelve and two to four in the Winter.  Prayers commence precisely at five minutes past nine; children absent from prayers will, after warning be suspended for the rest of the week.  Monday is the only day of the week on which Children will be admitted.  Applications for admission to be made to the Clergyman.

4.   The elder Children from both Schools are expected to attend on Sunday. Continued absence on that day will be followed by a dismissal.  This rule does not apply to Children who may be admitted from another parish; but any child not in the day school may attend upon Sundays.

5.   The sweeping of the Rooms and drawing of water, if required, will be done by Children selected by the Master and Mistress.

6.   A library is attached to the school from which any child may borrow books for reading at home, on payment of four pence a quarter in advance and two pence for one month only.

7.   A clothes club for the benefit of the Children is opened the first Monday in April, and continues open for twenty four weeks.

8.   Children are to be sent clean to school: and parents are particularly requested to take care of this copy of rules, and to pay strict attention to them.  If they have any cause of complaint they should apply immediately to the Clergyman.

9.   It having been found that Children frequently apply for leave of absence without the knowledge of their parents, each child will be furnished with a card showing the absences during the week.  Parents are earnestly requested to examine the card at the end of each week, and give information at the school if their Children have been absent without leave.