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An introduction to the history of

The Bromley Common Schools


Princes Plain Primary School

1837 to 2000 

These pages tell the story of our school from its founding in the first year of Queen Victoria’s reign, through to the present day.

The story is divided between the Victorian and Post Victorian eras but, for an overview, you can visit the short history of the school (or the very short history lower down this page).

The Appendices include material on other schools in the area (particularly in the Victorian era), copies of the school rules, memories of the school in the 1920s, material on Victorian education not specific to our school and other interesting things. The School Map link takes you to a map of Bromley Common showing the locations of the schools featured in this history.

Victorian school Post Victorian school Short history Appendices School Map

If you want to see a collection of photographs, maps and drawings of the school (and the local area) without too much text, you may want to see the history picture album.

 Rob Barnes, 03/08/11  

A very short history of our school. 

1821 - Bromley Common is enclosed.

1823 - Six parish cottages are built on the Westerham Turnpike Road.

1837 - Bromley Common Infant School opens in the parish cottages.

1841 - Holy Trinity Church is built.

1847 - A new school is built next to the church.

1871 - The water in the school well is contaminated.

1874 - A new classroom is built at the south end of the school.

1875 - A temporary, infant classroom is opened in Pope Road.  It closes when Addison Road School opens in 1883.

1891 - The children no longer have to pay to attend the school.

1900 - ‘The Iron Room’ is added at the north end of the school.

1903 - The school becomes the Bromley Common (Church of England) School as Bromley Education Committee assumes responsibility for running it.

1928 - The older pupils move out, mostly to the Raglan Road Schools.  

1930 - A fire in the school, no casualties.

1833 - Princes Plain School for Girls opens.

1935 - The pupils of Bromley Common (C of E) School transfer to Princes Plain Primary School.

1944 - The schools are badly damaged by a V1 flying bomb.

1984 - Princes Plain Primary School moves to its present site after the secondary girls' school closes.

1992 - A Special Infant Unit opens for children with severe learning difficulties.

1997 - A nursery class opens.

Victorian school Post Victorian school Short history Appendices School Map